Maritza and Ricky’s Rustic Florida Wedding at Cypress Creek Farmhouse

Late last year I had the pleasure of being the photographer for Maritza and Ricky’s Florida barn wedding, and their big day was so pretty, I just had to share it with you!

Back in November 2021, Maritza and Ricky tied the knot at Cypress Creek Farmhouse, a dream Florida wedding venue for a photographer like me. Because it’s just so beautiful! The perfect backdrop for a rustic yet elegant nuptials, surrounded by picturesque countryside and natural water features. And my couple really made this 40 acre farm their own, by throwing a loving, and fun celebration that ticked all their dream day wedding boxes.

Today, it’s my privilege to share Maritza and Ricky’s Florida barn wedding with you, and all the little details that made this occasion just so special. Plus a sprinkling of well-earned advice from our bride!

It was Love at First Sight, for Ricky…

Not every start to a relationship can be like a fairytale, believe me, I’m a wedding photographer, and I’ve heard it all from my Florida couples! And for Maritza and Ricky, love at first sight was felt only by one of them upon their initial meeting. It was through family that these two now newly-weds became connected for the first time, specifically, via Maritza’s cousin, Dominic. He introduced the pair to each other while enjoying a family gathering at their grandmas. For Ricky, meeting Maritza for the first time that day was a defining moment in his life, but she, however, didn’t feel quite the same. “Ricky swears that he thought, I was the one, but I hardly remember meeting him! I just remember thinking to myself, who is this kid?” Shares Maritza.

Thankfully, the pair met again following their first interaction at grandmas. And soon romance blossomed between them.

Life Just Wouldn’t Be the Same Without You

As a wedding photographer, a question I often have to ask my Florida couples, is how did you propose? Because I’m a sucker for a sweet engagement story! For Maritza and Ricky, their relationship went back and forth for a while, until 2019, when they finally cemented things as a couple. Realizing that they both just couldn’t imagine their future lives without one another. And it was following this heartfelt exchange that Ricky decided the time was right to propose. The next week, Maritza travelled to her Mom’s house, and was met with a wonderful surprise. Ricky, waiting at the door with their son, ring in hand, ready to pop the question. An emotional, family-filled moment that was certainly worth waiting for.

Cypress Creek Farmhouse, a Wonderful Waterfront Wedding Venue

When Maritza first toured the Cypress Creek Farmhouse, she knew it was the place for them. It’s captivating grounds, and elegant celebration spaces, were just as she’d imagined for her big day. And the stunning scenery in particular won her over from the start. “When I first toured the venue, all I could think was, ‘oh my word, I’m lost’! You take this long dirt road to an absolutely breathtaking location.”, enthused Maritza. But it wasn’t just the views, and the buildings that enchanted her, it was the welcoming spirit of its owners too. Tay and Craig are renowned for their warm hearts, and ability to treat each and every couple like one of their own. And I have to say, I’ve visited many wedding venues in Florida as a photographer, and none have made me feel more like family than this lovely couple.

A Modern, Rustic Style Celebration

Both Maritiza and Ricky wanted a chic, country style decor on their big day. A place that felt homely, but also sophisticated. “I wanted my guests to feel like they were in the countryside. I wanted them to feel relaxed, I wanted the atmosphere to feel like it was one big family”, said Maritza. And in particular, she also wanted somewhere with an AC! Thankfully, Cypress Creek Farmhouse ticked all boxes, and had the kind of backdrop they could easily envision their unique occasion taking place in. They made the space their own by crafting many of the decorations themselves, such as the centerpieces, which were created using mason jars, fresh florals, and greenery.

Weddings Can Make Even the Calmest Person a Little Jumpy

Obviously, as a wedding photographer, I get to experience the full gambit of emotions from my Florida couples. From chilled and together, to hyper and emotional, to everything else in between! During our initial meetings, Maritza certainly fell into the chill category. She was so composed, and ready to plan her big day. But as the wedding loomed on the horizon, it was clear she was starting to feel the pressure, and she herself shared just how nervous she was. Something that is totally normal, and completely understandable from anyone planning something as momentous as a wedding. But on the actual day of her nuptials, the nerves were replaced by excitement, and after a few mimosas and morning munchies, she was totally ready to tie the knot! Her best girls by her side.

An Informal Ceremony Surrounded by Loved Ones

Maritza and Ricky chose to embrace the bountiful natural beauty available to them at the Cypress Creek Farmhouse, and hold their ceremony outside. A decision, I, their photographer was so excited about because the outdoor space at this Florida wedding venue looks simply stunning as a ceremony backdrop. The barn, the endless tall tress, the long paved path… all so pretty! For the ceremony, friends and family were seated along said path, leading up to a wooden pergola and tranquil lake beyond. The pair exchanged their vows in a sweet, and personal style, while their loved ones looked on adoringly.

There Was No Better Song to Describe Ricky and I

The newlyweds toasted their nuptials in the recently renovated barn at Cypress Creek Farmhouse. A celebration space that has been expertly designed to create a kind of boho-chic atmosphere, complete with six stunning crystal chandeliers, two stunning custom-made barn doors and of course, full air-conditioning! The place looked so charming, and the whole wedding party seemed to instantly feel at home, just as Maritza had wanted. The celebratory evening reached a crescendo with the first dance of the bride and groom, always a special moment for me! And these two didn’t disappoint with their performance. Their chosen song, ‘Soulmate’ by Josh Turner, was only selected a month before the big day, “we went back and forth over a few songs until I heard this one, and there wasn’t a better song to describe Ricky and I”, said Maritza. You never would have known. In that minute or two, as they danced, it felt like they’d been planning this moment together for a lifetime.

Maritza’s Advice on How to Find the Perfect Florida Wedding Photographer

For this, I thought I’d let Maritza tell you herself, directly.

One hundred percent, do not cut costs on your photography! I am blessed beyond words to have found Meghan. She listened to every word, even without me having to say anything, she knew just how to capture Ricky and I. You need someone who will capture what you want and not just hand you a brochure. Our photographer did not see us as a paycheck. She was kind, sweet, and caring. She’ll invest in you, and make everything feel so natural. Hands down, I would choose her all over again.” Mrs Maritza Jacobs.

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