Barrington Hill is an equine private estate rented out for weddings and other events. Growing up, I spent a lot of time riding horses thanks to my dad instilling in me a love for horseback riding. I can’t help but get excited when I get an opportunity to have horses at an event or photoshoot! This venue has pastures full of champion horses. 

Their dance floor stole my heart. The classic architecture of the venue behind the dance floor is the perfect backdrop for all of your important dances. If you talk to any of my past brides you know just how important I feel dancing at weddings is! As your photographer, I feel it's also important to get out and snap some pictures while busting a move!  

I love sneaking my couples away from the dance floor for some sunset couple portraits. (Don’t worry I won’t keep you away from the party for long!) The sunset at this venue does not disappoint! Located just north of Tampa Bay, you get a beautiful west coast sunset right above the barn and behind the dancefloor! 

To add to the beauty of this venue they also offer in-house-styling! Brides get to choose from different packages to ensure they get the dream wedding style they want. When booking here you not only are booking your venue but also your florals, rentals, a space to get ready in and some lighting. Between the dance floor, west coast sunset, the horses and the in house design options this venue is a must!

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