Starting your own business is scary!

Seriously! The thought of possibly failing is scary enough to hold you back. Lending tree has stated "According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of small businesses fail within their first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50 percent of small businesses fail. After 10 years, the survival rate drops to approximately 35 percent."

This is what held me back for so many years! I had a child and was the sole financial provider. The only parent in the picture. I could NOT fail. So, I worked for other people. I had great bosses but, something was unfulfilling working for someone else.

Growing up, my dad has his own business. He opened this business when I was only a few months old. He owned Rick's Import Performance, a mechanic shop. He was known by everyone in Winter Garden! Watching him be successful for 20 years was an inspiration.

My uncle is also a successful business owner in the scrap industry. My brother and his girlfriend created their own custom Tiny House Boats. My partner has started his own Leak Detection company. It is safe to say I was blessed to be surrounded by entrepreneurs!

Being surrounded by like minded people has helped me be pro-active in starting my own photography business. If I only am around people who do not want to grow, then I too, will not grow. Being able to reach out when I need a boost to these people has been a life saver. They've been through the struggles, the highs, the lows.

You can only fail if you don't try! I want all of you to follow your dreams. Don't let the thought of failing hold you back!!! There are so many resources and like minded people in this world, in your community that is there to support other small businesses.

Go out and become your own boss. I believe in you all!