How I Got Here

I never thought I would be sharing my story of how I got here, but if I am capturing your intimate moments, I thought I would share some things about me.

As I've stated before, I have always had a camera in my hand. I went to California and Japan on student ambassador trips and I swear my Japan trip I had over 3,000 pictures! Learning other cultures and capturing that was such an amazing experience, especially for a 14 year old.

Once I hit high school, I joined photography. Mr. Steffens encouraged his students and pushed me to always improve. My favorite photography subject was film! I loved being in the dark room creating my prints. I owe so much the this amazing teacher/mentor I had.

After high school my life changed. My dad got sick right after graduation and I became one of his care takers. He passed away a year later, when I was 19. My photography was put on hold. I was working and eventually moved out of state and had my first child, Jace. I became a single parent and was working for a great appraiser and then at a veterinary hospital as a vet assistant. Then I met my other half. We had our daughter, Charlotte, together and he encouraged me to turn my hobby and dream into a reality. I went from taking pictures for friends and family to sharing my love of this with all of you!

Photography means more to me than just a job. Thank you all for being a part of this journey and I am excited to be apart of yours!